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jackierhoffman's Journal

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1800's, 1900's house, 1940's house, 80's music, abba, alternative lifestyles, amish, anne frank, anne of green gables, anti-bush, anti-christianity, anti-formula feeding, anti-homophobia, anton lavey, atheist, attachment parenting, auctions, babies, babywearing, baking, bauhaus, big love, books, breastfeeding, bucks county, calamity jane, cellos, childbirth, cloth diapering, cloth diapers, colonial house, cooking, corsets, cosleeping, covered wagons, crafts, crochet, crocheting, deadwood, desi arnaz, diet coke, diy, dutch, ebay, fabric, fred and ethel mertz, frontier house, frontier women, frugal living, frugality, galaga, garage sales, german food, germany, goth, gothic, gothic lolita, gothic music, handmade, history, home birth, homebirth, homemade, hoopskirts, i love lucy, indian food, industrial, ira levin, jackass, johnny cash, knitting, lancaster, lancaster county, laura ingalls wilder, lolita, lucille ball, lucy and ricky ricardo, mamas and the papas, manor house, marriage, married life, miserly moms, morrissey, motherhood, movies, music, my children, mythbusters, native americans, natural childbirth, new wave, nigella bites, nigella lawson, nursing, pa, pbs, pee wee's playhouse, penn & teller's bullshit, pennsylvania, philadelphia, pioneer women, pro-choice, project runway, punky's pads, quilting, rasputina, reading, ren and stimpy, retro, reusable menstrual pads, rhps, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, rosemary's baby, sahm, schindler's list, seinfeld, sergers, sewing, sewing machines, sims 2, siouxsie and the banshees, slings, stay at home moms, stickers, strawberries, texas ranch house, the birthday massacre, the donner party, the hunger, the omen, the oregon trail, the smiths, the tightwad gazette, thrift stores, top chef, unassisted childbirth, unassisted pregnancy, vast, victorian, victorian fashion, vintage, vintage erotica, viva la bam, wahm, ww2, yard sales, yarn